• All members receive membership cards. Membership cards and photo IDs are essential tools to maintaining safety at Trail Point Aquatics & Wellness. Safety is a cornerstone of our center operations.
  • Present your membership card at the Membership Desk every time you enter Trail Point. If you arrive without your card, you may show another form of photo ID, such as your driver’s license, to secure entry. If you lose your card, please let the Membership Representatives know and they will assist you.
  • All members, adults and children, are required to have a current photo on file in our system. Maintaining photos of adults and children in system helps ensure those entering Trail Point are properly identified and help ensure that the children match adults identified on their membership.
  • Members under age 13 may visit Trail Point accompanied by an adult or legal guardian with a valid Trail Point membership.
  • If your card does not scan, we will verify your membership by other means, such as an additional form of identification. We can only allow entry into Trail Point if your membership is current.
  • We issue one card per member. For safety and security, sharing your card or transferring your membership to another person is not permitted and may be grounds for termination of membership.