Have you considered the option of putting your membership on Freeze?  Your membership would not draft for up to 3 months, then auto-start again at the completion of the freeze.  This way you will avoid paying the $50 joining fee when you would like to restart your membership.  Just complete a freeze form at the membership desk to begin your membership freeze.  We just ask for a 10 day in-person written notice to process a freeze.    

*Memberships on Freeze must reactivate in order to cancel with the 30-day cancellation notice. 

If cancelling is still the better option for you, we ask that you complete a 30-day in-person cancellation notice form and turn in your membership cards at the membership desk.  If your draft date falls within that 30-day time period, your membership will draft from your account one last time. You will still have access to the facility during that paid month.  Memberships are prepaid for the entire month and partial month refunds will not be issued.