Membership rates can be found on our Membership Rates page


Monthly fee payments are to be made via an automatic draft from a bank account, debit card or credit card of your choice. An automatic draft allows your monthly membership fee to be paid directly from your bank or credit account, with no hassle to you.  You must report errors within 90 days of occurrence to enable us to make any corrections.

As an alternative to monthly automatic drafts, a paid in full membership option is available, allowing for payment of 6 months or 1 year.


Outstanding balances, resulting from uncollected returned payments, must be resolved before the participant can attend Trail Point or enroll in any Trail Point program.  A redraft of a fee payment can occur up to three times, if the initial attempt to draft is unsuccessful.  If your check, debit card or credit card payment has been declined for reasons other than non-sufficient funds, you may pay your fee at the Trail Point Membership Desk.


Refunds are not issued for joiner fees or membership fees because of lack of use or non-attendance.


If participating in a Trail Point program, refunds will only be issued prior to the start of a program session. After the program has started the participant (or parent/guardian for a youth participant) may request a transfer into a future program sign-up. If the participant moves out of the service area in the middle of the program session a refund may be issued. Special circumstances will be handled with the director of the program.


Trail Point welcomes all regardless of their financial circumstances. Scholarships are available to provide financial assistance for monthly membership fees for those who qualify.

Scholarship applications are available at the Trail Point Membership Desk.

A completed scholarship application, a completed membership application and verification of income for all incomes in the household are needed to apply. If your financial circumstances change during the course of your membership, you may inquire about adjustments to scholarships. Members receiving financial assistance may be asked to re-verify their income every year months.  If the request to re-verify income has not been met, the membership rate will be adjusted.